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Are you ready to join the club?

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Jeff B.

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Ryan S.

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Sarah L.

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Dino S.

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Minkee K.

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Will A.

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Nicole G.

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Nick L.



my clients words, not mine)

my clients words, not mine

Sarah L.

I can definitely say that choosing to train with Tom for the past eight years, has been the best decision I’ve made to date to accomplish my fitness goals.

Jeff R.

This has helped me to maintain a low body fat % while gaining muscle, which at 50+ years of age is not easy. I highly recommend training with Tom

Lucas H.

I actually look forward to my workouts, even in winter. Importantly, He ensures that my technique is always correct to avoid any injuries, and can still find some safe exercises for me to do if I arrive injured.

Nicole G.

I have been working with Tom for about two years now and have accomplished more in this time than I have since I started bodybuilding nine years ago.